Cure a cold with curry?

This morning as I scanned internet headlines, one caught my attention: How to beat a cold in just 24 hours.

Wouldn’t that be great if you could cure a cold in a day?

The information source for the article is a professor from the Common Cold Centre in Cardiff, Wales. I never knew such a place existed! I glanced at its website, and it appears to have links to some useful research, so I’ll definitely look there again.

But what does the article suggest and what do I think? Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Take a hot shower. Absolutely. Not only is getting clean a psychological boost, but the steam does help soothe and clear your sinuses—temporarily.
  • Eat oatmeal and berries for breakfast. Meh. It’s a healthy breakfast, for sure, but a handful of berries doesn’t have enough antioxidants to make any immediate difference.
  • Pop a strongly-flavored lozenge. Sure. I didn’t recognize the brand they recommended, but I agree that a lozenge with a strong flavor stimulates salivation, which helps soothe a sore throat.
  • Take a stroll. Yes, weather permitting. Mild exercise increases air movement through your sinuses and lungs, which promotes healing. Also, getting out of the dry air of your home or office and into a more humid environment will temporarily soothe your throat and sinuses.
  • Eat protein for lunch. Again, meh. Like the breakfast suggestion, lean meat for lunch is healthy, but a single meal of protein won’t do much for your cold today.
  • Drink herbal tea. Absolutely. Staying hydrated is important and a warm drink soothes your throat. As I posted earlier, don’t waste your money on expensive “cold remedy” drink packets, such as Airborne or Emergen-C.
  • Eat a curry for dinner. Heck, eat one for breakfast and dinner, too. Haven’t you ever eaten a really spicy Mexican or Indian or Thai dish that left your nose dripping into your plate? If you can stand it, a super spicy meal might give you some temporary relief.
  • Take a warm bath. Why not? Again, the steam will soothe your sinuses and the warm water will help your achy muscles.

Everything this article suggests is reasonable for taking care of yourself and providing some temporary relief from symptoms during a common cold. All the suggestions are safe and low cost, too.

But can anything really cure a cold in just 24 hours? NO.

Prevention remains key. As I advised in an earlier post, wash your hands—often!!


Frugal Nurse


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