“Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” — 4 Comments

  1. Hello,
    I too saw Joe’s documentary. I was inspired. I wish I could afford to juice, but as a mother of 2 and going to school and working part time I have to pinch those pennies! I am in my fourties and need to lose minimum of 20lbs. I am going through something(stress,hormonal changes?) Because I am losing my hair!:( I need to start with eating the fruits and veggies..exercise..I have to make a change! Life is too short..the time to make a change is NOW!!

    • Hi Tami,
      Thanks for commenting. I think juicers are expensive, too. It’s just important to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables every week–as many colors as you can find! My husband bought a really inexpensive ($20) Hamilton Beach personal blender, and it works great for making smoothies. He uses frozen fruit (berries), frozen greens (spinach or kale) and some kind of milk base, like soy or regular milk. I’m not a juicer or smoothie fan myself, but I do try to eat several servings of vegetables every day. As for stress, even a small amount of exercise every day is helpful for stress reduction, and take a look on YouTube for some deep breathing exercises. I’ve found if I relax my body first, then my mind calms down, rather than vice versa. Good luck with your goals! FN

  2. Anne, I’ve done Joe’s program, as has a good friend of mine, and we both had wonderful results! Neither of us have any diseases, but our diets weren’t great and we both could’ve stood to lose 10 pounds or so. Not only did we drop the weight, we felt terrific!

    • Hi Laurie, I’m not sure I could do even the 7-day juice fast – unless there were cameras watching my every move! But I’m tempted to try because of the improved energy levels they all experienced. I could definitely use more energy most days. Thanks for commenting!