First aid for avulsions — 5 Comments

  1. Hello, my girlfriend has a bad avulsion on her right ear, the skin is still attached, but the cartilage, or tissue, is visible. Nothing is hanging, but I just got the bleeding to stop. How do I keep it clean? She’s so sensoti be and almost won’t let me treat her… I don’t know if she’ll need stitches…

  2. hi, I need some advice on my skin avulsion. I have a dog bite, and the skin that is gone is only like 1/2 X 1/2 inch pretty small…. but my question is, will it be an awful ugly scar there ? it is healing very nicely, and I don’t have insurance, and I found out that an allograft or autograft will be over 1,000.00 I can’t afford this. do you have any healing by secondary intent tips for me ?

    the avulsion is right where my nasiolabial fold is on my face

    • Hi Tracie, sorry about your injury. When was it? Dog bites can be very dirty and get infected, so usually antibiotics are recommended as a precaution. Depending on where you live, you might be able to find a low-cost community clinic that charges on a sliding scale, or is free.

      If the wound was some time ago and you were lucky enough to avoid an infection, there is really not a lot you can do but let it heal naturally. I have a good friend who is a plastic surgeon and he says all the expensive creams like Mederma or Scar Away are useless, as is topical vitamin E or essential oils. Healing is partly related to where the injury is, and your own genetics.

      Yes, you will most likely have a scar, but that doesn’t mean it will be ugly. And be aware that scars go through different phases, so in 6 months it might look more prominent, but in a year it will fade considerably and perhaps won’t be too noticeable.

      There is also the possibility that if you get health coverage in the future you can consult with a plastic surgeon about a scar revision.

      If you are really concerned, please look for a community clinic and talk to a physician or ARNP.

      I’m afraid that’s the best advice I can offer. Take care! FN

  3. Something new to think about — avulsions! Glad I wasn’t about to eat dinner– revolting to look at!