Tips to save money on specialist visits — 8 Comments

  1. Thanks for this! Wish I had read it 3 months ago before I got slapped for a bill of $436 for a consultation with an ENT. Thank goodness I wised up and cancelled a separate hearing test and cancelled a CT scan, b/c I couldn’t get the imaging center to give me a straight answer on the cost of that… it could have been worse, but also could have been better if I had read these good tips ahead of time. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi, Anna! Live and learn, right? Too bad these kinds of mistakes are so costly. Keep pushing back against needless testing and non-transparent costs–eventually they will have to listen to us consumers, I hope. Cheers, FN

  2. I really like the advice, especially the recommendation to cross check diagnosis before deciding on expensive tests. Sometimes these tests are necessary, however, you don’t want to pay the money if you don’t have to. I also have a lump on the back of my throat I need to get checked out and will be sure to see multiple professionals.

    • Hi Esther, thanks for the nice comment. Take care and I hope you get the answers you need at a reasonable price! FN

  3. Greed is the root of all evil. Sickens me knowing the way our health system has evolved, into a greedy profit mongering business! Government feeds us poison through food and vaccines which in turn sends us to the doctor so they can take our dollar and convince everyone that we cant live without them. This world needs a makeover and fast!