How often for a Pap smear? — 2 Comments

  1. Hi, Frugal Nurse—

    Just found your blog, and this—“Don’t trust your doctor or your doctor’s staff to know—check for yourself” is very, very solid advice. People are overwhelmed by every aspect of health care, and that is totally understandable—it’s confusing and about to get more confusing! But at the end of the day, patients need to do the work to be informed. It’s not easy, but it’s necessary.

    Excellent post, especially considering there’s some complex material on here.


    • Hi Matt, thanks for commenting and adding support to the message that I am trying send with this blog–each of us has to take charge of our own health care to stay healthy and keep costs down. I was an office nurse for many years, and no matter what I thought I knew, I always advised patients to call their insurance company to verify coverage. The potential expenses are just too great to take any chances. And as you say, it’s only going to get more complicated and confusing! FN