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Protect your eyes from the sun — 3 Comments

  1. Re: cepuk.org…..I made an error. It stands for “The Council for Evidence-Based Psychiatry”…not “Medicine…. Salima

  2. Hi, Great information. I did not know the sun could affect/burn the eyes…possibly contributing to melanoma and macular degeneration. I did know about the cataract possibility. Also good info on first aid do’s and don’ts… very helpful. Just discovered your site (Ginger Breggin, Facebook). Also pleased you’re aware of The Cochrane Collaboration….and hopefully Peter Gotzsche,MD? How about Peter Breggin,MD…reform psychiatrist ? Robert Whitaker’s new book (2010) “Anatomy of An Epidemic?”….so very important re:Biopsychiatry…….a failing paradigm. Extensive research and info in this book!!! I’ll explore you site….. Explore Peter Breggin.com He’s also on Facebook/Peter Breggin. Check out cepuk.org (The Council for Evidence-Based Medicine…in the UK. Salima

    • Hi Salima, thanks for the nice comments! I do know of Dr. Gotzsche and have referred to him somewhere on this blog. I have not read (yet!) “Anatomy of an Epidemic” but will look for it. I did just finish “Saving Normal” by Allen Frances, MD, which sounds similar–overdiagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders. I will probably write a post on that topic soon and will recommend these books. I also don’t know Peter Breggin but will look for him. I do participate in a world-wide evidence-based, “less is more” health care discussion group. Cheers, FN