Nexium – Brand, generic, prescription or OTC — 10 Comments

  1. There are coupons every month for Nexium. When you combine a store sale and a digital coupon, you can get Nexium at a fraction of the costs quoted above. Stores run sales on it all the time and there are always coupons available to print from sites like or from the Sunday paper. This week I got the 14 ct bottle for $5.00 and the 42 count bottle for $16.00.

  2. my wife has been on Nexium 40mg 2xdaily, for several years. after trying some other meds – Nexium 40mg x2 daily was the only medication that gave her relief. Now the Obamacare Insurance she is on says they will not cover it any longer. I have shopped and the best price I can find is $365.00 per month from Nexium Direct. That is still out of our budget. The thought of experimenting with some other drugs really scares my wife due to the pain she has been through in the past while on other medications. She also had a prior authorization denied. -(she had the doctor ask the insurance company to allow this specialty medication).

    • Hi Sam, thanks for your comment, although I’m sorry to hear that you are faced with this emotional and financial distress. Be assured you are not alone!
      Nexium is much more expensive than its competition, so many PBMs (pharmacy benefits managers) are dropping it from their formularies. Plus, there have been no compelling studies that Nexium is any better than other PPIs.
      But I understand that if it has been working for your wife, she would be anxious about changing. Would she consider generic Nexium, esomeprazole? It’s cheaper and might be on your formulary. However, even the generic is about 10X more expensive than generic Prilosec, omeprazole. Over-the-counter Nexium is only sold in 20mg capsules, but at roughly $.60/capsule (Amazon) rather than $6, might also be an option. But she should talk to her doctor first, of course. If she were to try the generic Prilosec for a month or two and it didn’t work, it would give her doctor more ammunition to try the prior authorization again. Good luck with whatever you try! Best, FN

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  3. I can’t afford prescription Nexium 40mg which has really worked for me in the past. Is there a generic or cheaper equivalent? Thanks, love your website it’s very informative.

    • Hi Gilbert, thanks for your comment and I’m so sorry for the delayed reply to your question. Somehow, I missed this comment until now. Prescription Nexium is crazy expensive, and honestly the generic version (esomeprazole) that was released last year is not much cheaper! The website GoodRx is a great resource to check out the prices in your area of brand name and generic drugs, as well as cost-saving equivalents. According to them, the most popular alternative to Nexium is generic Prilosec, omeprazole. Cheers, FN

  4. I have been on Nexium 40mg for years. It works great. I am on a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan and get my medications through the mail. I have been researching the 2015 drug plans and find that the total drug cost of my 90 day mail order supply of prescription Nexium will cost $950.00, putting me right at the “GAP”. I have done the math and find that I could take 2 OTC pills a day at about 1/2 the cost of my co-pay for the prescription. My question is, “Is 2 20mg OTC the same as 1 40mg prescription?

    • In theory, yes, but talk to your physician before changing your medication. Generic Nexium should be available in 2015. If you’re really interested in saving money, talk to your physician about switching to prescription generic Prilosec, or omeprazole, which is believed to be just as effective as Nexium. Best, FN

      • Thanks for the rapid response. I have tried the replacements and they don’t seem to work for me. Everyone with whom I speak cannot understand why, but after a couple glasses of red wine and I know immediately. LOL I have spoken with 3 different pharmacists and they all say it would be OK. I see the doctor next month to renew our prescriptions and then comes the hours of research on Medicare Plan D providers. Again, thanks for the reply.

    • 2 nexium otc I’ve not had much success with even though the pharmacy recommended it to save money