Hospitals can be dangerous to your health — 3 Comments

  1. Maybe if nurses would get off their cell phones and quit texting, there wouldn’t be so many errors….there should be a strict policy in that every RN should be banned from personal texting and checking their Facebook, email etc.. during their shifts.

    • Hi Debb, yes, that too! Sounds like you have personal story regarding this? Some hospitals are actively trying to reduce errors and nurture a “culture of safety” that would include tighter accountability at all levels of care. Others not so much. If I were to see a large number of floor nurses using their phones for personal texting, etc. during their shifts, I would be concerned about that hospital’s overall safety. I think accountability starts at the top. If the hospital administrators don’t care, or the nurses think they don’t, the nurses won’t either. I really can’t say it enough–don’t go to the hospital alone! Take care and thanks for commenting, FN

  2. I’ll be passing this one along to my family members. I think they are still fairly trusting and don’t realize how much advocacy is needed when one is in the hospital.