Potassium for health — 4 Comments

  1. Just don’t go overboard. My dad was known to take the doctor’s instructions to a whole new level. One time I took him to urgent care he was way over the recommended level; I can’t recall the level but my cousin, an ARNP, was aghast. Among other things he was eating an abundance of bananas.

    • Good point, Kadoo. Certain medical conditions, especially kidney disease and type 1 diabetes, can interfere with potassium excretion and cause high potassium levels. In general, healthy adults eating a diet that includes a moderate amount of potassium-rich foods (enough to meet the guidelines) should have no problems. But avoid potassium supplements or the potassium salt-substitutes unless you talk with a physician. And don’t eat an entire bunch of bananas or a banana cream pie in one sitting! FN