Breathing exercises to improve sleep — 2 Comments

  1. I should probably try this. I have severe circadian disorder and RLS. Left to my own devices I can go to sleep at 6-8 am and sleep 7-8 hours and wake up perfectly refreshed. Unfortunately I have a career requiring an 8 am start time. After years of trial and error I have an extremely strict regimen that gives me an average of almost 6 hours per night. I use blue light in the mornings, blue light blocking glasses as soon as I am home from work, no TV movies or going out to eat, I stagger melatonin and 10 mg Ambien, and if I can’t stand the RLS I take 10 cyclobenzaprine at 11:30, and I read books I have already read. If everything goes well, I can sometimes get to sleep as early as midnight but usually it is closer to 1 am.

    Basically I’ll try almost anything. I was even considering Belsomra, but the somnias I already have are more than enough.

  2. I’ve also found the meditation helps with sleep, among other things. I generally do it twice a day for 20 minutes each. It’s not the sort of meditation that focuses on breathing, but that could work, too. Since I’ve been back at it, the quality of my sleep has improved.