Calcium and vitamin D tracking app

calcium and vitamin d appI’ve written several posts on calcium and vitamin D. Calcium is an important nutrient, but most evidence suggests we need to get more calcium in what we eat, rather than supplements.

It’s the same with vitamin D. We need to eat a variety of foods that are rich in vitamin D and also spend more time in the sunshine. There is no data at this time to support vitamin D supplements.

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But it’s difficult to follow the recommended intake levels of both nutrients. Every day I try to eat foods I know contain calcium and/or vitamin D. I know the amount of each I should be getting. Am I getting enough of either or both? I don’t know. I don’t sit down with a calculator and figure out serving size and milligrams or micrograms.

Help is on the way! A recent study tested the effectiveness of a calcium and vitamin D tracking app. It was a small study, but researchers found it provided a good measurement of vitamin D and calcium intake.

Their goal was to find an app that would let users see how little of the nutrients they were actually getting, especially vitamin D, and encourage them to eat more nutrient-rich foods or spend more time in the sunlight.

Unfortunately for me, my phone is Android and the app is only available for iPhones and iPads. For now.


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