Treat headaches with diet and exercise — 2 Comments

  1. This is an interesting idea. I would be curious to see statistics on how often things are found on those MRI’s and CT scans that would be considered the root cause of a headache. It does seem that some medications, Imitrex or Fiorocet, do seem to help dramatically, but are these headaches treatable/preventable in other, cheaper methods? I sometimes wonder if we are becoming a pill dependent society. In that, we immediately ask for a pill to solve an issue instead of looking for alternatives or lifestyle changes. I hope this trend towards alternative treatments and preventions continues!

    • Hi Nathan, in my opinion we are already a pill-dependent society! The majority of MRIs and CT scans ordered for headaches are–as many doctors will admit–the result of “cover your ass” medicine, or trying to avoid a malpractice suit. They just want to rule out something bad, even if the possibility is remote. “Failure to diagnose” is the leading cause of malpractice suits, and a recent study has shown that doctors who order more tests are sued less. That’s a shame, as it makes less incentive for doctors to order fewer tests. The burden is more on the patient to say no. Thanks for the comment, FN