Overuse of antipsychotics in teenagers — 3 Comments

  1. I worked for a while in inpatient adolescent psych. I administered a lot of antipsychotics to my patients.

    We were just drugging these poor people into submission and not really treating them. Ask a shrink or therapist and they will all tell you that therapy can help, but the meds are quicker. Same goes with depression and mood swings.

    Wellbutrin, tegretol, and risperdal was the cocktail.

    I look back and feel ashamed that I participated in such treatment.

    We have to get away from the “we have a pill for that” way of health care.

    • Hi Frank. I’m sure you and I are not the only nurses disheartened that prescription drugs have become part of our country’s culture, like fast food. It’s especially distressing to see younger and younger patients brainwashed into thinking they need a drug to be happy and healthy, isn’t it? Thanks for the comment, FN

      • Your welcome FN,

        Have you read Anatomy of an Epidemic. If what the book says is true, then we should get rid of all psych drugs.

        Sine you are frugal, the alternative treatment is probably too expensive for most people. At least that is what they think until they become non functional people. It is so sad that people become such victims of the medical profession.

        I am so negative to all medications now. I really need to evaluate t he pros and cons before I put a pill in my body.

        I started eating Vegan 3 years ago. I know it is the best way..actually whole food plant based.. (no sugar or oil either) At least that is the goal.