ZDoggMD raps on end of life

I love ZDoggMD’s musical video parodies on health-related topics (by the way, he really is an MD, although how he finds time to make these videos, I don’t know).

His latest offering takes on the huge subject of end of life choices—or non choices, as is sadly often the case.

“Ain’t the Way to Die”


I like the line “Critical care is just hypocritical when it’s so insane.”

At the end of the video, ZDoggMD invites viewers to share their experiences with dying in the comments.

And he promises his next video will be funny.

Take his advice, please, and talk to your loved ones. Learn about Advanced Directives. Make a Living Will and ask a family member or friend to be your Durable Power of Health—the person who will make decisions for you if you can’t.

Do this even if you’re young. Especially if you’re young, as the choices can be even more difficult to make.


Frugal Nurse

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