In favor of childhood vaccines

zuckerbergIt was a nice surprise to see a celebrity use the power of social media to speak in favor of getting children vaccinated.

Well, not so much speak as show. And as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Mark Zuckerberg, of Facebook fame, recently posted this cute photo of himself and his baby daughter at the pediatrician’s office. He simply wrote “time for vaccines”, but surely he realized that he was encouraging his millions of “friends” with kids to vaccinate, as well.

As you can imagine, he received both likes and dislikes for his post.

The Washington Post article I read included one comment that made me laugh:

I am sorry to see you unnecessarily putting your kid at risk by responding to faux science and propaganda.

Faux science and propaganda? Look to yourself, anti-vaxxer!

Related story from Science-Based Medicine: Antivaccine activists fund a study to show vaccines cause autism. It backfires spectacularly.

on immunityApparently, Zuckerberg used Facebook previously to weigh in on vaccines when he chose an informational, pro-vaccination book—On Immunity: An Innoculation by Eula Biss—for his book club.

Zuckerberg wrote…“The science is completely clear: vaccinations work and are important for the health of everyone in our community.”

“This book explores the reasons why some people question vaccines, and then logically explains why the doubts are unfounded and vaccines are in fact effective and safe,” he continues, noting that Biss’s book is “relatively short” (it’s 216 pages), and was recommended to him by “scientists and friends who work in public health.”

I haven’t read this book myself, but am going to get it from the library soon and will post about it at a later date.

I’ve written many, many other posts on vaccinations, as well:

And I was happy to see that Zuckerberg’s vaccine post received a substantial number of likes and shares.

Thank you, Mark.


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