Allergies 101 Infographic

I love infographics!

So when Blink Health invited me to share their infographic on allergies, Allergies 101, I was happy to agree.

Blink Health is one of several health care start-ups I’ve been watching that I think provide innovative ways to help people save money on health care. Blink Health specifically helps patients save money on prescription medications.

Blink Health is the first company to develop a proprietary technology to group millions of patients together, creating the strength to negotiate the lowest prescriptions prices possible. They are also the first company to allow patients to purchase their medications online and pick them up at their local pharmacy! They ensure that no one goes without the drugs they need to live a health, happy life. Lower medication prices means Americans can take the drugs they’re prescribed without worrying about the cost!

Their Allergies 101 infographic highlights the fact that allergies are increasing in the US, and the costs to treat them are increasing, too.

Spring is the season for those of us (like me!) that suffer from hay fever, but allergies can be year round. Know what triggers your allergies and try some of the simple home remedies listed at the bottom of the infographic. I like the suggestion to eat more onions!

allergies infographic

Antihistamines are available by both prescription and over-the-counter. Generics are available, as well. To save money, shop around for the best price.


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