John Oliver on scientific studies

I love John Oliver and his show Last Week Tonight. Maybe because he frequently comments on or makes fun of our behemoth and costly healthcare system.

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If you missed it, here’s the video of his show lampooning “scientific studies.” You know, the research mass media loves to package into scary sound bites (everything causes cancer) and healthcare corporations use to sell us something we probably don’t need.

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Especially funny is this skit that shows how those TV infomercials can beguile us into thinking their product is worth buying.

All joking aside, it makes me crazy when I see or read news reports that distort scientific findings. It causes unnecessary anxiety.

I also think some studies are not well done and shouldn’t have been published in the first place.

One resource I continually turn to for an unbiased and knowledgeable critique of popular health news topics is the health news watchdog blog, Health News Review. evaluates health care journalism, advertising, marketing, public relations and other messages that may influence consumers and provides criteria that consumers can use to evaluate these messages themselves. Improving the quality and flow of health care news and information to consumers can be a significant step towards meaningful health care reform.

I also have links to other evidence-based medicine websites on my Resources page.


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