Costs of Care story contest – Tell your story

And maybe win a prize!

Have you or a family member been the victim of crazy medical expenses? Or are you a healthcare provider who has witnessed again and again unreasonable and unfair healthcare costs?

Have you just been waiting for the chance to share your experience with a wider audience?

If so, then the healthcare advocacy group, Costs of Care, wants you to submit your story to its annual Story Contest.

Your story should be 750 words or less, and it should “focus on experiences that illustrate the challenges or opportunities to make healthcare more affordable.” (Check out Costs of Care’s blog to see what others have written,)

The deadline for entries is December 1, 2016.

Later in the month, Costs of Care will award $4,000 in prizes to the best stories. Maybe you will be one of the winners  😀

About Costs of Care

I’ve been following the Costs of Care group via their blog for several years. Having been the victim myself of many instances of seemingly capricious medical bills, I’ve found solace in knowing I’m not alone in my frustration.

Several years ago, my son needed a cardiac ultrasound. The Healthcare Blue Book cost for such a test, on average, was $250. We were charged almost $2,000! And because we had a high deductible, we had to pay the entire cost out of pocket. I tried but was never able to get an explanation for the charge and finally gave up (I would try harder if it happened again.)

Then there was the time I had a simple bladder infection. It took two days and cost over $300 to finally get my hands on an antibiotic—that only cost $5.

And of course I’ve posted about my more recent experiences with the rising cost of prescription medications, such as the Epi-Pen and levothyroxine.

Admittedly, those are pretty insignificant expenses compared to others. Many families are left drowning in tens of thousands of dollars of medical debt.

Costs of Care’s goal is to highlight unnecessary, unfair and arbitrary healthcare costs and, by doing so, “help health systems deliver better care at lower cost.”

So, if you have your own story to tell, unleash your inner Hemingway and add your voice to hundreds of others!


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