An EpiShell for your EpiPen

The EpiShell will protect your investment

I recently saw a news story about a local family that came up with a brilliant invention—the EpiShell.

What is the EpiShell? It’s a small insulated tube that provides climate control for your EpiPens.


Why is this a great idea? Like most medications, epinephrine is best kept at room temperature. Temperature extremes speed up deterioration of the product.

Anyone who needs an EpiPen is counseled to carry it with them at all times. If a child has a life-threatening allergy, that means having multiple EpiPens for school, daycare, a backpack, the family car, etc.

It’s next to impossible to protect them from hot and cold temperatures. Parents might choose to limit their child’s activities, or worse, leave the EpiPens at home.

Here is the inventor, Eric Wengreen, explaining more about his product and how he and his wife, Sandy, came up with the idea:

EpiPens are too expensive to waste

As Eric says in the video, the skyrocketing cost of EpiPens makes them an investment to be protected.

A few months ago I posted about having to replace my three-year-old EpiPens. I was shocked that the price had more than doubled since I last bought them. Even with insurance, a new pair was going to cost me upwards of $600.

Shortly after that, the media exploded with outrage over the cost of these brand-name auto-injectors that are filled with cheap-as-dirt epinephrine. But the price hasn’t come down. Mylan Pharmaceuticals, the makers of EpiPens, just increased the coupon they offer from $100 to $300.

I was able to find a generic version of EpiPen for $100, but that’s still a lot of money. (The generic pens also fit in the EpiShell.)

Even families with good health insurance (that is they have low drug co-pays so EpiPens don’t break their budgets) have to buy several sets of the pens, so the costs add up.

And the lifespan of an EpiPen is relatively short, anyway, with an expiration date of about 12 to 18 months from the date of manufacture. Keeping EpiPens in a climate-controlled environment would prevent having to replace them prematurely.

The EpiShell is only available as a pre-order at this time. If you’re interested in learning more about it, check out their website,

You can support Sandy and Eric’s Indiegogo campaign to manufacture EpiShell via this link:


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