Election day and healthcare 2016

american-flagI started this blog four years ago, the day after President Obama won the general election. I needed an instrument to give voice to my frustrations and fears about the direction of our country’s health and healthcare policy.

I just re-read what I wrote back then:

So, the Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare, as it’s commonly known), having survived its precipitous birth and a few close-calls with death, is poised to enter a prolonged and awkward adolescence.

I am not a huge fan of Obamacare because it seems to be more health insurance reform than health care reform. Expanding insurance coverage to more people, although an admirable goal, will most likely increase the use of medical services and therefore increase spending.

Much depends on the population’s willingness to obey the mandate that everyone have health insurance. But will the premiums be too high and the penalties too low?

I believe our country is desperate for true health care reform and cost control. But is Obamacare trying to balance an unwieldy attempt at universal care on top of an extremely fractured and unstable health care framework?

I reserve the right to be cautiously pessimistic.

Huh. Not much has changed. However today’s election ends (finally!), I will still be pessimistic.

I’ve read each candidate’s multiple-point plan for fixing our healthcare system. Each has a few ideas that are worth exploring. However, those actions would not only take a bipartisan effort (not likely), but also the cooperation of big players in the healthcare industry, such as Big Pharma and the insurance companies (also not likely).

Healthcare Triage recently put together a couple of good videos on this topic, if you want more information.

So most of the problems I’ve posted about over the last 4 years will stay with us until we have a generation of public servants and industry leaders that are truly willing to work together toward the common goal of affordable, accessible and patient-centered healthcare for all.

Will that be in 2020? I hope so!


Frugal Nurse


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