Winter sunshine can improve your mood — 2 Comments

  1. I think I’m defected then. I love the gloomy weather. I’m situated in Dallas and we have too much sunlight and that depresses me. But right now it’s BEAUTIFUL! It’s all grey, so cold and no sunlight at all. All I want to do is watch “Elf” but I am at work so I won’t :p
    But I do agree with you, every other person I know is feeling a bit low right now because we have not had sunlight for 2 days.
    An interesting observation. Usually I’d associate just the deficiency of vitamin D with scarce sunlight. I’ll make my husband read this, he will find this very interesting.

    P.s. Have you come across a person who becomes over excited in the gloomy sort of weather?

    • Haha, maybe you need to relocate to the Northwest! We have an abundance of gloomy weather between now and, oh, July? Of course, by the end of the summer I am wishing for the rain again, so maybe I’m defective, too! Thanks for the comment, FN