SmartQuit – An app to help you quit smoking — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for the great review of the SmartQuit app. We are working hard to make quality programs more accessible using the Smartphone. Our main goal is to have the program distributed via states, health plans, providers and employers but we do offer the in-app upgrade for consumers who want to get the app on their own. We sure don’t want to confuse people and will take a look at the app description to see if we can clarify better.

    As a nurse myself, I am thrilled that you reviewed our program!

    HEALTHY NEW YEAR OFFER: Many of our colleagues smoke as a form of self-care after dealing with high stress, weird hours, can caring for others. If any nurses in the US want to quit, we would love to help. We have set aside $10K worth of programs to help nurses and CNAs quit smoking. They can sign up here while supplies last. (offer expires Feb 28th, 2017)

    SIGNUP- Sign up for a free account here while supplies last.

    • Hi Jo, thanks for the comment and I’m glad you saw the post. Being “frugal” I love innovative and effective tools that improve health and lower healthcare costs. SmartQuit definitely gets a thumbs up from me! I hope it will be adopted by a greater number of health insurers and public health departments. Thanks, too, for the link for nurses who want to quit smoking 🙂 Cheers, FN