Neti pot for spring allergies

spring allerigesSeattle has had an unseasonably cold and wet spring (even for us!), but that hasn’t stopped my seasonal allergies from arriving on cue.

Time to rinse off my neti pot.

When the pollen counts are high, I use my neti pot every day and it really, really helps.

I prefer using a neti pot rather than antihistamines to treat spring allergies for a couple of reasons.

One, it’s inexpensive. Over-the-counter allergy meds are anything but! Even the generics are pricey.

Two, there are no side effects. I don’t like how antihistamines or decongestants make me feel, and I definitely don’t want to use them on a regular basis for months.

I actually suffer from year-round allergies—pollen, dust, pets, you name it!—and the neti pot is great for frequent use.

It’s one of the best health tools I’ve ever bought, and it’s easy to use. Here’s a YouTube to demonstrate:


  • I use a microwave to heat the salt solution; room temperature or a little higher is perfect. Take care the water is not too hot; the tissue in your nasal passages is very thin and sensitive.
  • I make my own salt mixture. It’s cheap and easy! Mix 1 cup non-iodized salt with one teaspoon baking soda. That’s it  😉

Over-the-counter medications and sprays are fine to use on occasion. However, they can be expensive and cause multiple side effects, such as drowsiness, a rapid heart rate and dry eyes and nasal passages.

So consider getting a neti pot and trying it first!


Frugal Nurse

Neti pot resources:


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