Frugal Nurse tips for a safe summer

I’m writing this on Memorial Day while gazing out my window at an (unusually) sunny and warm Seattle day.

We’re on the cusp of summer!  😎

Here is a collection of some of my most popular posts about staying safe during the summer, including information about sunscreens and insect repellents, and first aid tips for burns, bites and too much sun. Stay safe! FN

Be informed – What is SPF?

An SPF rating is an estimate of how effectively a sunscreen product reduces the time it takes your skin to burn.  Some sunscreens use chemical barriers, like oxybenzone, and others use physical barriers, such as zinc and titanium. Which is right for you? UV protective clothing is another option to consider. Learn more!

first aid for sunburnFirst aid for sunburns

You can get a sunburn even if you use sunscreen or if it’s a cloudy day. Severe sunburns can be really painful and take several days to heal. Learn some first aid tips to limit the damage and control the pain.

First aid for heat stroke

Heat stroke occurs when the body becomes dangerously overheated. Learn some simple tips to prevent heat stroke and heat exhaustion, as well as first aid steps for heat illness and when to call for help!

water safety tipsHow healthy are public pools?

Young children flock to swim pools and wading pools when the weather gets hot. But public pools can be breeding grounds for parasites that cause intestinal problems or skin rashes. Learn more about how to keep the kids safe while enjoying the water.

mosquito bitesBe informed – Bug repellents

Whether you’re staying home this summer or travelling abroad, bugs are everywhere. Some just cause an annoying itch, but others carry deadly diseases. Especially mosquitoes and ticks! Learn about the different types of bug repellents and what works best.

First aid for bee stings

Worse than mosquitoes, in my opinion, are wasps and yellow jackets! Why? Because I have an allergy and swell up horribly when I’m stung. Even if you aren’t allergic, bee stings hurt like crazy. Here are some tips to provide first aid to reduce pain and swelling.

fireworks injuriesFirst aid for fireworks injuries

Summer’s not summer without the Fourth of July! Every year I read about horrific injuries related to explosives fireworks. Learn first aid tips for dealing with burns and missing fingers.


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