PSAPs and the OTC Hearing Aid Act — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for this, I have been following these developments myself and appreciate your pros and cons. My hearing loss is such that I almost certainly would not the helped by any OTC PSAP, but I wait in hope of what the market might provide in the future. Of particular interest to me based on my past experience with expensive prescription aids are the PSAPS with frequency adjustment by a smartphone app. At present this can only be done by an audiologist running proprietary software.

    • Hi Ray! Nice to hear from you. Yes, the technology of the PSAPs appears to be rapidly advancing, and will be boosted even more if (when) the manufacturers get some real leverage in the OTC market. I will be curious to see how much more expensive these devices will be, and whether the price of prescription hearing aids will go up or down as a result. Also, will there be increased reports of harm caused by the OTC devices? All very interesting! Cheers, FN