Question “routine” labs — 4 Comments

  1. Yes, lots of money wasted each year on unnecessary lab work. Another area I have been able to stop lab work being repeated is when going to a specialist. They will often automatically order lab work that you have already had done recently. Like you said, keep track of all lab work done so you can stop these repeated tests and save hundreds of dollars!

    • Hi Carol, thanks for the comment and the tip! Yes, the more doctors we see the more likely we are to have lab tests duplicated unnecessarily, even the costly ones like CT scans and MRIs. Everyone should keep track of what tests they’ve had done and when to help reduce costs. Best, FN

    • Very true. That’s why the patient-provider relationship is so important, and I’m upset by the trend of narrowing networks and patients being forced to change primary care providers annually. Building trust takes time, as does letting your provider get to know you–not only your physical needs but your overall healthcare philosophy and goals. Thanks for the comment, FN