Embrace a healthier, happier lifestyle — 2 Comments

  1. Great article. Makes me want to move to Ecuador. I wonder what the healthcare is like though? 🙂 Maybe with all the nonprocessed food I wouldn’t need anymore visits to my doctor!
    It is really too bad that we in the U.S. have to pay so much for healthy fresh fruit and vegetables and whole grains.

    • Thanks, Carol. Actually, healthcare in Latin America is pretty nice, and certainly a lot cheaper than here. You pay cash for most services, with a visit costing perhaps $25 American dollars, and prescription drugs are inexpensive, too. Having visited some of these countries, what strikes me most is that they aren’t obsessed with their health or perceived lack of health like we are in the States. We have been conditioned to think we are sick until multiple tests or visits with our doctors prove otherwise. I’ve no doubt this type of thinking adds a huge amount of stress (and expense) to our lives.

      As for fresh fruit and vegetables, I have a vegetable garden and love it! It not only provides fresh and delicious seasonal vegetables, but gardening is a great stress release. I love seeing all the pea patches that have popped up in neighborhoods around me, too. Urban gardening at it’s best! And kids get taught about healthy food choices at a young age, when it matters most.

      Let’s keep advocating for these things! Cheers, FN