Get your flu shot early this year! — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for reminder and info about flu in Australia. I think I’ll get my flu shot this month! I am a little concerned about getting it early and running out of effectiveness by January.

    • Hi Carol, according to the CDC and the ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) a flu shot in September should last through the entire flu season, that is until April/May. Typical peak flu season is December/January, but it can be as early as October, and no one can really predict. The recommendation to vaccinate in September this year is mostly aimed at school-aged children, but adults should be fine getting the shot early, too. People over 65 are usually given a “high-dose” vaccine that lasts longer, as well. In a really rough flu season, primary care providers might recommend a second booster shot for those over 65. If you’re in this age group, check with your physician about timing the shot. Thanks for the comment! Best, FN

      • Well Said Frugal Nurse.I work in long term care and the flu shot really is a life and death matter for the residents inside nursing homes and assisted living facilities.