One problem, one visit: When your free annual exam isn’t free — 2 Comments

  1. We corresponded, or maybe I commented on this, a long while back. The change to AWVs had occurred, but my long-time physician continued our practice of me telling him once/year all the little things about which I had a question or which I wanted in my record. I’m happy to say that my AWV remains my only appointment in almost every year, but my physician was brought into compliance with the (large) clinic’s policy, which now includes a form which must be signed before an AWV to the effect that there will be additional charges and possibly a second appointment for patients’ concerns which fall outside the realm of an AWV. He recently took a buyout when the clinic changed ownership.

    • Hi Ray, thanks for sharing your experience. “Brought into compliance” is a telling phrase, isn’t it? I really miss the days when I could chat about small problems and “life” with my doctor once a year. Those conversations nurtured our relationship and built trust. She retired early years ago (she knew she was losing autonomy), and the new generation of primary care physicians doesn’t know any other way to do business. Efficient? Maybe. But it sure doesn’t improve the patient-doctor relationship. Cheers, FN