Prevent a bunion from getting bigger — 5 Comments

    • Hi Jane, thanks for leaving a comment. I’ve used spacers, too. I like the foam spacers that are used for pedicures. They’re inexpensive and fit comfortably under my socks or while sleeping. I’ve never tried YogaToes. My first thought, besides the cost, is that they are obviously too big to wear with shoes or while walking, so I’d only use them for a limited time every day. If cost was an issue, I’d try something cheaper first, like the pedicure separators and prioritize the arch supports. But what do you think of them? Do they help with the pain? Best, FN

  1. Thanks for this post, FN! I’ve had bunions a good part of my life and fit the profile: low arches, some time in high heels, female. I have small but wide feet so it’s tricky to find shoes that truly fit. Moderate to severe pronator, survivor of ‘orthopedic shoes’ in childhood; shoes that did nothing except embarrass me.

    I’ve had prescription orthotics (orthoses) for a number of years now, and they’ve helped with plantar fasciitis but they don’t work with all shoes. Super Feet, off the rack shoe inserts, have also helped.

    My feet are happiest in summer when I can wear my Chaco sandals. The straps leave my bunions free and happy. Of course I have to show them off, but I’m older and wiser now so I don’t give as much of a hoot about what anyone thinks.

    Keens work for me, as do Dansko, Brooks, some Munro and Clarks shoes.

      • Hi Kadoo! Thanks for sharing what products have worked for you. Quality shoes and inserts can be costly, but I think they are a good value overall as they last longer and keep our feet healthy. Cheers, FN