Hi, I’m the Frugal Nurse. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Who am I?

Well, like you I have multiple roles. I am a nurse and have been in the healthcare system for (gulp!) over 30 years. I am also a wife, a mom, a sister, a daughter, a friend and an active member of my community.

I enjoy taking care of myself and my family. Given my profession, that’s probably not surprising. I value good health and to the best of my ability have always tried to follow my healthcare providers’ recommendations for diet, exercise, routine exams, screening tests and vaccinations.

But I am also a frugal person. I wish I had countless piles of cash at my disposal, but I don’t. When I choose to make an expensive purchase I ask myself: 1) Do I really need the item? 2) Is there a cheaper option? 3) Where can I purchase the item at the lowest price?

How I wish I could do that with my healthcare!

Our good health might just be the most expensive purchase any of us will ever make. My family’s healthcare expenses have risen steadily and significantly in the last few years, but I’m finding it increasingly difficult to obtain reliable information on the effectiveness, safety and cost of the seemingly endless stream of new drugs and medical procedures.

Over the last 20 years, I have witnessed the disturbing trend to aggressively market profit-generating health services. Every day I see ads in various media pushing cancer screenings, prescription drugs, supplements, medical equipment, plastic surgery, weight loss surgery, and more. Then I smile (grimly) when I see an ad urging us to call a malpractice attorney if we have suffered harm from a failed surgery or faulty medical equipment, or experienced an adverse drug reaction.

I ask myself: 1) What services or products do I really need? 2) Are there less expensive alternatives? 3) Where can I get these services at the lowest cost?

My healthcare providers are the obvious ones to ask, but my relationships with them have suffered because of the mounting time and financial constraints piled on them by the government, healthcare conglomerates and the health insurance industry.

This blog is my reaction to our fragmented, broken and expensive healthcare delivery system. It is my attempt to be a frugal healthcare consumer and find reliable sources of information to guide my decisions regarding my health and my family’s health.

I am also following with great interest (and no little anxiety) the continual re-shaping of healthcare policy as it is manipulated by our political system, possibly the only system bigger and more broken than healthcare.

It is a fact that an extraordinary amount of money is being spent on healthcare in this country, and I believe it will take an extraordinary effort on everyone’s part to make the system work for an ordinary family with ordinary resources, like yours, like mine.

Frugal Nurse